Winter Geese - Pink-footed geese in the mist

There are some fields just outside Dumfries that are often favoured by our winter geese. I saw that a large flock of pink-footed geese were using them and decided to get down their early one morning and try for some shots of them flying in against the sunrise. With the cold weather and frosts there was the potential for some really exciting shots.

Of course the morning I chose turned out to be the one morning when we had thick mist and no sunrise. However the geese still flew in and as I sat snuggled in to the hedge, huddled up against the cold I did manage to get some pictures that I was pleased with.

Pink-foot geese 4590 B

It was quite a magical experience hearing them coming in through the mist, finally appearing and dropping down in front of me.

Pink-foot geese 4588 B

Although the views I got earlier in the week against the sunrise were stunning there was something ethereal about this morning’s viewing.

Pink-foot geese 4604 B

The final two images show small groups of geese dropping down to join the main flock.

Pink-foot geese 4583 B

Pink-foot geese 4576 B

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